🎂Tap Tap Fish: AbyssRium – Anniversary Event Normal Fish, Hidden Fish & Premium Fish🎂

Running Time: July 27th, 2017 through September 4th, 2017

Customization Items:

  • Currency: Cake Slices [🎂]
  • Theme: First Anniversary Night – Cost: 500 🎂
  • Costume: Candle Hat – Cost: 1,000 🎂
  • Dye: Cake Dye – Cost: 500 🎂

1st Anniversary Event: Happy Birthday

  • 20 New Event Fishes added.
  • New Corallite costume.
  • New Coral dye.
  • New ocean theme.

Return of the Legendary Sun Fish

  • Legendary Sun Fish has returned.

Limited Time Offer for Gem and Pearl

  • You can buy Gems and Pearls at a 77% discount once a day!

Get Cakes and collect Event Fishes!

If you want to see a larger image, just click or touch the image below.

Gallery Update…

List of Fish

If you like to see the list below with images and more details about each fish, take look at our Anniversary Event Fish page.

Anniversary Event Normal Fish:

  • Update…

Anniversary Event Hidden Fish:

  • Update…

Anniversary Event Premium Fish:

  • Update…

To get at least one fish of each, you’ll need it: 273,000 Cake Slices🎂

Fish:Cost:Required:Total Cost:
Cake Goby*3003711,100
Balloon Clownfish*3003900
Balloon Blue Tang6001600
Cake Grouper9001900
Party Blowfish9001900
Afro Mirror Ball Fish1,20011,200
Cake Cuttlefish1,80011,800
Candle Seahorse1,80011,800
Dress Dumbo Octopus2,40012,400
Party Blow Mahi Mahi3,00013,000
Tuxedo Dolphin3,60013,600
Cake Turtle4,80014,800
Party Sunfish10,000550,000
Balloon Whale Shark15,000575,000
Cake Whale20,0005100,000
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