🍂Tap Tap Fish: AbyssRium – Fall Event Normal Fish, Hidden Fish & Premium Fish🍂

Running Time: September 22th, 2017 through October 23rd, 2017

Customization Items:

  • Currency: Maple Leaves [🍂]
  • Theme: Starry Fall Nights – Cost: 500 🍂
  • Costume: Maple Tree – Cost: 1,000 🍂
  • Dye: Fall Forest Dye – Cost: 500 🍂

If you want to see a larger image, just click or touch the image below.

The aquarium welcomes the fall season’s arrival!

Fall event begins

Let’s collect maple leaves to create fall event fish:

List of Fish

If you like to see the list below with images and more details about each fish, take look at our Fall Event Fish page.

Fall Event Normal Fish:

Fall Event Hidden Fish:

Fall Event Premium Fish:

To get at least one fish of each, you’ll need it 64,200 Maple Leaves🍂

Fall Forest Fairy Fish247,200
Star Sickle Fish51,500
Star Striped Marlin1600
Fall Forest Dumbo Octopus1900
Star Turtle1900
Light Jellyfish56,000
Fall Forest Football Fish11,800
Star Dolphin11,800
Star Ray12,400
Fall Forest Ray13,000
Star Ocean Sunfish13,000
Fall Forest Narwhal13,600
Fall Forest Whale524,000
Star Whale16,000

Thanks to /farmerlesbian for the table with all information about fish cost.

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  1. I have all 12 event fish and have used the moon skill 12 times but the fall whale is not unlocked? Is there something else? I also have well over 6800 leaves…

  2. Ben narwhalda sorun yaşadım rayın fotoğrafını 3 kere paylaştım ama maple fashion ne demek anlamadım nerden açıcam?


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