🎃Tap Tap Fish: AbyssRium – Halloween Event 2017 Normal Fish, Hidden Fish & Premium Fish🎃

Running Time: October 23th, 2017 through November ??rd, 2017

Customization Items:

  • Currency: Candies [🍬]
  • Theme: Ghost Night – Cost: 500 🍬
  • Costume: Ghost Home – Cost: 1,000 🍬
  • Dye: Halloween Castle – Cost: 500 🍬

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Tap Tap Fish: AbyssRium once again ushered in Halloween!

  • Newly added 17 Halloween Event Fish!
  • Newly added Ghost Home Costume, Ghost Night Theme, Halloween Castle Dye!
  • Newly added a Halloween Kitty,so cute!
  • Reopening last year Halloween Event Fish!

Come and own the horror and lovely Halloween Event 2017 fish!

List of Fish

If you like to see the list below with images and more details about each fish, take look at our Halloween Event Fish page.

Halloween Event 2017 Normal Fish:

Note: Only fish from Halloween Event 2017 are counted!

Mummy Clownfish:

  • Cost: 300 candies

Ghost Fish:

  • Cost: 300 candies
  • The name for this fish is like in Halloween 2016 event.

Bat Butterfly:

  • Own 3 Mummy Clownfish
  • Cost: 900 candies

Vampire Football Fish:

  • Own 3 Ghost Fish (Ghost Fish 2017)
  • Cost: 900 candies

Ghost Seahorse:

  • Own 20 Event Fish
  • Cost: 1500 candies

Witch Blobfish:

  • Own 5 Vampire Football Fish
  • Cost: 1500 candies

Death Squid:

  • Own 30 Event Fish
  • Cost: 2500 candies

Spiderweb Nautilus:

  • Own 5 Ghost Seahorse
  • Cost: 2500 candies

Halloween Dolphin:

  • Own 40 Event Fish
  • Cost: 4000 candies

Vampire Ray:

  • Own 5 Death Squid
  • Cost: 5000 candies

Coffin Shark:

  • Own 60 event fish
  • Cost: 6000 candies

Halloween Whale:

  • Own all the Halloween Event Fish [2016+2017]
  • Cost: N/A

They have not included the Kitty or the Bone Whale!

Halloween Event 2017 Hidden Fish:

Devil Boxfish:

  • Watch 15 event ads
  • Cost: N/A

Mummy Mahi Mahi:

  • Leave 5 Mummy Clownfish in the aquarium for 30 minutes
  • Cost: 1200 candies

Ghost Jellyfish:

  • Decorate with the Ghost Home Costume and share photos 3 times
  • Cost: 2000 candies

Cemetery Turtle:

  • Take pictures of all of Kim’s tombstones
  • Cost: 3000 candies

You must buy “Halloween Castle” dye to get this hidden fish!

They are 3 Tombstone:

Ghost Sunfish:

  • Tap Ghost Jellyfish candies 500 times
  • Cost: 6000 candies

Halloween Event 2017 Premium Fish:

Halloween Kitty:

  • Halloween Package ($9,99)
    • Doubles candy drops (for this event only)
    • Decreases fish cost by 30% (permanently)

Halloween 2016 Fish

If you did not manage to collect all the fish from Halloween Event 2016, you can succeed this year!

Bone Fish:

  • Requires 2 Mummy Fish
  • Cost: 1 Mummy Fish and 100 Seaweed

Ghost Fish:

  • Requires 2 Ghost Fish (2017)
  • Cost: 1 Ghost Fish and 100 Seaweed

Football Fish:

  • Requires 2 Vampire Football Fish
  • Cost: 1 Vampire Football Fish, 200 Seaweed, 20 Clams and 10 Urchins

Dogface Puffer:

  • Requires 2 Witch Blobfish
  • Cost: 1 Witch Blobfish, 150 Seaweed and 15 Clams

Dumbo Octopus:

  • Requires 2 Ghost Jellyfish
  • Cost: 1 Ghost Jellyfish, 200 Seaweed, 20 Clams and 10 Urchins

Bone Turtle:

  • Requires 2 Cemetery Turtles
  • Cost: 1 Cemetery Turtle, 250 Seaweed, 40 Clams and 15 Urchins

Ghost Dolphin:

  • Requires 2 Halloween Dolphin
  • Cost: 1 Halloween Dolphin, 250 Seaweed, 50 Clams and 20 Urchins

Bone Dolphin:

  • Requires 2 Halloween Dolphin
  • Cost: 1 Halloween Dolphin, 250 Seaweed, 50 Clams and 20 Urchins

Ghost Ray:

  • Requires 2 Vampire Ray
  • Cost: 1 Vampire Ray, 300 Seaweed, 70 Clams and 40 Urchins

Goblin Shark:

  • Requires 2 Coffin Shark
  • Cost: 300 Seaweed, 50 Clams and 30 Urchins

Bone Whale:

  • Requires 2 Halloween Whale
  • Cost: 350 Seaweed, 130 Clams and 50 Urchins
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  1. I’m absolutely addicted to this game. I’m really upset that I dont have the Halloween 2017 event yet. The app says that it doesn’t require an update at this time. Is there a reason why? Has it not been made available for everyone yet? Thank you!

  2. Bone Whale doesn’t seem to exist for me. I already have 2 Halloween whales but the bone whale doesn’t show up on the creation list.

  3. Does the Corallite need to be above a certain level in order to find all 3 of Kim’s tombstones? My Corallite is lvl 2100 and so far I can only find one of Kim’s tombstones 🙁

    • The tombstones are kind of off to the side. My way of finding them was to use the “Purchase New Terrain” tool under Expand to move around the map, and then once you have an idea of where the other tombstones are, return to camera mode and tap roughly where you think the tombstones are, and it should ‘focus’ on them if you tapped the right area.

      One of them is in the back, near the “remains of the nautilus” if you have it, and the other one is off to the right side of the map.

  4. Having a problem with the Mahi, left 5 mummy clownfish in my tank for a few hours, checking every 30 min and even 30 min play time. Finally got a picture of the stripped Merlin because of that but it still hasn’t unlocked

  5. Hi!
    Bone dolphin and ghost dolphin don’t seem to be working. I have the required fish, tried putting them in the tank but no-go.
    Also have collected over 900 ghost jelly candies and can’t get the sun fish. Any ideas?

    • You need two ghost jellyfish or 4000halloween candies to buy them and then once you have created two the sun fish should appear as an option

    • Hi,

      The Sunfish: you have to tap the Jellyfish candies 500 times. Only the taps would count, not the total amount of candies you got.

      I have also struggled with the Bone Dolphin. I have 3 Halloween Dolphins but the Bone one hasn’t been revealed. I have 1 Ghost Dolphin which I got from the lucky shell. Maybe try increasing your Halloween Dolphins number to 3 and the Ghost one might come up?

  6. Hi, I really love the game but I am very frustrated with it. I have been on taptapfish when they had the cake event.. I’m addicted to the game. When they started up the Halloween Event I got a jump on it right away. I had some Jems left and used them to get some of my fish.. I then noticed that they were disappearing.. I thought that kind of strange, then I bought the cat which I thought was cool.. I ran out of gems and purchased more to buy my fish then I noticed again they were disappearing. I only made two 49.99 purchases and it finally declined and said something was wrong in billing to fix it, I finally called the bank to find out what was wrong and found out that the bank closed my account because of suppious activity.. I called them and $ 500.00 dollars had been taken out on that game which I did not purchase and the Apple Store saw there was a glitch and returned the money. I saw other people get there fish fast and I am not getting anywhere with this. Can you help please?? I also won first place a week ago on the fall event and was told that I would get gems, and that hasn’t happened either. I have spent a lot on this game and I can’t keep doing this, and other people are getting them right away without purchasing them.

  7. Can not unlock bone turtle despite having two cemetery turtles in tank….are all 2016 options of fish available? I ask because to unlock the Halloween whale it only requires 16 Types of fish-bone fish whale so it seems the event may not include all of the 2016 fish….or the update be glitchy

  8. I’ve been having trouble with getting the ghost sunfish. I’m sure I collected more than 500 candies from the ghost jellyfish and it doesn’t appear at all


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