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black seahorse

Scientific Name: N/A


Required Level: None


  • Glowing Sea Flower
  • 3x Blowfish

Black Seahorse (also known as Short-snouted Seahorse) is a species of friend seahorse in Abyssrium.


To unlock Black Seahorse it’s necessary to have Glowing Sea Flower and at least 3 Blowfish.


Black seahorse is a small marine fish. It is named ‘seahorse’ because of its horse-like appearance. It has a protruding snouted head, bent neck, and a curled tail. It is black and highly camouflages. This is an adaptation that helps it to ambush prey to feed on. Size Seahorses have a length that ranges from 2.0-36 cm. They are different from other fish because of their upright posture.While other Fish lays flat, this one does stand up. Feeding Black seahorses usually feed on small invertebrates floating on water. These include copepods, shrimps, crustaceans and larva fish. It usually sucks the prey to their tubular mouth. Habitat Black seahorses live in shallow tropical and sub-tropical waters. Lives in waters with temperatures ranging from 10 to 27°C. Inhabits sheltered areas such as Coral reefs, estuaries, seagrasses, bays or mangrove. This is where you can find them.
Black seahorse is increasingly becoming one of the rare fish species to find. It is said to be heading to extinction. This is due to damage of its habitat, and especially it’s favorite seagrasses.

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