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Brazilian seahorse

Scientific Name: Hippocampus reidi


Required Level: None


  • Glowing Sea Flower
  • 3x Boxfish

Brazilian Seahorse (also known as Longsnout Seahorse or Slender Seahorse) is a species of friend seahorse in Abyssrium.


Brazilian seahorse also is known by the name Longsnout seahorse belongs to the syngnathidae family; reidi species. From the name, it is evident that it possesses a long snout that it uses for sucking down food.

These seahorses achieve a height of 7 inches and have skin markings ranging from red, yellow, orange to brown with 11 rings in the main body.
The Brazilian seahorse has a habitat that ranges from Brazil, Caribbean sea to North Carolina. They thrive in shallow waters with depths of up to 53 meters and plenty of sea grass where they seek shelter during the night.

This Longsnout seahorse feeds mainly on planktons and crustaceans. They achieve sexual maturity when they attain a height of 3 inches, and they mate for life. The male has a pouch for fertilizing eggs where the female deposits up to 1600 eggs. They have a lifespan of 4 years.

Brazilian seahorse faces a major threat of being captured for aquarium use, medical use, souvenirs and the degradation of their habitat through human activities.
These are some of the basic descriptions and information on the Brazilian seahorse that are worth knowing.

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