About Commerson Dolphin in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish

commerson dolphin

Scientific Name: Cephalorhyncus comersonii

Classification: Oceanic Dolphin

Required Level: None


  • Save a Photo of any Dolphin 3 Times

Commerson’s Dolphin, in game yclept as Commerson Dolphin, is a dolphin friend in Abyssrium: Tap Tap Fish.


Despite in-game description saying to save a picture of Lonely Corallite three times, it doesn’t work, it’s necessary to save a picture of any dolphin 3 times.


This beautiful dolphin is the most common species from the Cephalorhynchus genus and is commonly found in the regions around Argentina, Chile, Falk Lands, and Kerguelen Archipelago, south of the Indian Ocean. It is also known with other names which include Skunk Dolphin, Panda Dolphin, and Piebald Dolphin.

The name Commerson’s dolphin was given to this fish in honor of Filibert Commerson who was the first person to describe the fish in 1767. He was a French Naturalist.

There exist two subspecies of Commerson’s dolphin, namely; C.c.commersonii and C.c.kerguelenensis. The latter are often bigger in size. The two subspecies can be distinguished by the manner in which their bodies are colored.

The C.c.commersonii species are found off the coast of South America while the C.c.kerguelenensis sub- species live in the Indian Ocean around the Kerguelen Islands.

Appearance and Size

Commerson’s dolphin exhibits distinctive characteristics and behavior of dolphins. They have porpoise shape, are stocky and small. A characteristic black and white color decorate the body of this natural beauty. A male Commerson’s dolphin can achieve a maximum length of 1.7m as well as the female. The species of fish can weigh a whopping 86kg when fully grown.

Behavior and feeding

They are very active fast swimmers. Commerson’s dolphins like to clutter in small groups of just 10 or fewer individuals but will be seen in groups of up to around 100 when breeding or feeding. Their diet includes squid, crustaceans, benthic invertebrates, algae and schooling fish. These fish use group dynamics when they are hunting for prey which they do at night. Echolocation helps them to locate shoals of fish when they are hunting. They can eat up to 10% of their body weight daily as adults.


According to statistics, the oldest Commerson’s dolphin died at 18 years in an aquarium. In the wild, scientists believe that they can live up to 10 years.

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