About Dogface Puffer in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish

dogface puffer

Scientific Name: Arothron nigropunctatus

Classification: Blowfish

Required Level: None


  • Take a Picture of Pumpkin 3 Times

Dogface Puffer is a species of friend blowfish in Abyssrium: Tap Tap Fish. He was added in the v1.2.1 version as part of the Halloween Event.


To unlock Dogface Puffer, it’s necessary to take a picture of a pumpkin three times. Pumpkins can only be seen during the Halloween event and if lonely Corallite is level 500 or higher.


The Dogface Puffer is also referred to as the Blackspotted Puffer. Its name was inspired by the fish’s resemblance to one of the man’s favorite land animals, the canine. The Dogface Puffer experiences changes in its appearance as it moves through each stage of life. Unfortunately, these color changes are rarely experienced when it lives in an aquarium.

In nature, Dogface Puffer fish are found in saltwater. They commonly live in areas around southern Japan, east Africa, and south Wales.

Although the Dogface Puffer fish lacks any pelvic fins, it uses its pectoral, dorsal and anal fins for maneuverability in the water. This fish lacks any teeth, which is surprising given its meaty diet. Instead, it uses a fused, beak-like mouth to crush its meals. It enjoys eating squid, krill, clams and even hard shelled shrimp. By eating invertebrates, the Dogface Puffer fish is able to keep its “teeth” worn down.

The Dogface Puffer fish thrives in a tank that is at least 100 gallons and filled with fish-only. It’s not a suitable fish to keep in a reef aquarium with small species as it will attack them. It will fit in nicely with other Puffer fish that do not display any aggression. However, it is not advised that you keep it with other Dogface Puffer fish as they are often too aggressive towards one another. This is because of their territorial instincts.

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