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fire goby

Scientific Name: Nemateleotris magnifica

Classification: Goby (in-game)

Required Level: None


  • Fresh Seaweed
  • 5 Clownfish

Fire Goby, is a species of friend goby in Abyssrium.


Fire Goby also known as Firefish Goby, Fire Dartfish or Magnificent is a little fish that when fully grown, reaches a maximum of 9 centimeters (3 in). Its name means the decorated fish’ and its scientific name is Nemateleotris Magnifica. The fish has very bright colors which make it easy to spot especially in a reef tank. It’s anterior is white while its posterior is orange-red. It has a yellow head, and it’s anal, caudal and dorsal fins are black.

Fire Goby is carnivore by nature and therefore feeds on meaty foods which include Brine shrimp, chopped seafood or Mysis Shrimp. It is a non-aggressive feeder hence caution should be taken when giving it food. The natural habitat for the fish is the waters of Maldives, Africa, Indo-Pacific, and Indonesia. The fish can also be reared together with other fish in a reef tank that measures a depth of 6 to 70 meters because they do not bother the other fish.

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