About Giant Squid in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish

giant squid

Scientific Name: Architeuthis

Classification: Architeuthidae

Required Level: None


  • Play game for 35 days

Giant Squid is a species of squid in Abbysrium: Tap Tap Fish.


You must play the game for 35 days.


Giant Squid as the name says it’s a squid that can their size like a giant. Giant Squid has the ability to grow their size and they belong to Architeuthidae. The maximum size of the Giant squid can be 10 meters for the males and for female giant squid’s size can be 13 meters, their weight can be a ton and they are very rare to see because live in deep underwater into the sea. Giant Squid grows very fast in just a few years. Giant Squid’s looks quite similar to the octopus as they have two eyes, a beat & 8 arms, and large size. If we talk about what Giant Squid’s eating, they most likely eat fishes, shrimp even other squids too. As per the research, it has has been found that there are three species in which one found in the Atlantic Ocean, one in the northern Pacific Ocean and another one in the southern ocean.

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