About Light Jellyfish in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish

light jellyfish

Scientific Name: Chrysaora fuscescens

Classification: Medusozoa

Required Level: None


  • 1.200 Leaves
  • Share pictures of the Star Striped Marlin 3 times.

Light Jellyfish is one of hidden jellyfish that are added in the AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish during the fall event. To get this hidden jellyfish friend, you’ll need to share pictures of the Star Striped Marlin 3 times.

Note: This Jellyfish will show in “Event” tab after you do the quest above.

If you are interested in craft one or more of Light Jellyfish, you must go to “Event” tab, and just press “CREATE LIFE” button next to the fish. You can do this only when the event it is still open. After fall event has closed, you can get Light Jellyfish from “Luck Shell”.


Jellyfish or jellies are softbodied, free-swimming aquatic animals with a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles. The bell can pulsate to acquire propulsion and locomotion. The tentacles may be utilized to capture prey or defend against predators by emitting toxins in a painful sting.


  1. Hi, I have a question TN at is not listed on this website. To unlock a new plant, it says to get a certain amount of vitality produced per second which I have reached. It also says “MAX fish count + five.” what does this mean?

  2. Hello,
    I’ve used the ad probably more than 15 times over the period of the fall event so far. Will the marlin still appear if I do the ads one after the other? Will there be an announcement when the marlin appears?


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