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Scientific Name: Pterois volitrans

Classification: Scorpionfish

Required Level: 350


  • Purchase Junior Package

Red Lionfish, in-game simply yclept as Lionfish, is a species of scorpionfish in Abyssrium.


To unlock Lionfish is necessary to purchase Junior Package ($10), which is unlocked at level 350.


The lionfish is a carnivorous fish which is indigenous to the Indo-Pacific but is now an intrusive species in the Atlantic.

Popular Names: The lion fish is known by several names which include; firefish, zebrafish, red lionfish, turkeyfish, butterfly cod, devil firefish, red firefish, etc.

Scientific Names: The scientific name of this fish include: Pterois miles (devil firefish) and Pterois volitans (red lionfish).

Identification: Lionfish possess distinctive maroon or brown color with white stripes coating the body and the head. They possess fleshy tentacles directly above their eyes and underneath their mouth; pectoral fins closely resembling a fan; lengthy split dorsal spines; 10-11 dorsal soft rays; 13 dorsal spines 3 anal spines; as well as 6 to 7 anal soft rays. A fully grown lionfish can be as big as 18 inches, while juveniles could be as little as 1 inch or even much less. Lionfish possess cycloid scales (elliptical or oval shape fish scales with an even edge).

Habitat: Lion fish can be found mainly in all marine habitat located in warm or tropical marine waters. They have been found in water depths from 1-300 feet, sea grass, mangrove, artificial and coral reefs.

Behavior: Lionfish are considered nocturnal hunters; however they have been seen fully fed in the daytime in the Atlantic. They go around by gradually rolling the soft rays of their anal and dorsal fins. During the daytime, they occasionally withdraw to crevices and ledges among the corals and rocks. Though in the Atlantic, these fish are usually seen moving around in the daytime, both in groups and alone.

Economic Importance: Even though the lionfish were utilized as a source of food source in their natural habitat, economically, they are much more significant in the aquarium business. These fish are extremely common and well-known aquarium fish, particularly in the United States.

Safety measures: The spines of this fish produce a venomous sting which can last for several days and trigger great pain, respiratory stress, sweating as well as paralysis. If you are unlucky to get stung by a lionfish, please get medical attention without delay.

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