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manta ray

Scientific Name: Manta birostris

Classification: Eagle Ray

Required Level: None


  • Take a Picture of a Stingray 3 on Twitter Times

Giant Oceanic Manta Ray, in-game simply yclept as Manta Ray, is a species of friend stingray in Abyssrium.


To unlock Manta Ray is necessary to take a picture of a stingray 3 times. The requirement says “share to twitter” but it has been unlocked when sharing to Facebook 3 times.


Ever heard of the manta tray? Then here is some information about this sea creature. The word manta comes from a Spanish name meaning shawl or cloak.

These fish are close relatives of the sharks and the rays.

There are two different species of manta ray in the world.

  • The gigantic ocean manta.
  • The resident reef manta.

The manta rays feed on the tiny animals of the sea like arrow worms, cape pods, and mysid shrimps, and they seasonally move according to the abundance of food.

Mantas are ready for mating at around 10-15 years of age. The mating process can take days or weeks, and one female can mate with around 30 males, but the female usually gives birth to one single pup. The lifespan on the fish is about 50-100 years.

These fish are easily identified by their large triangular pectoral wings which can grow up to about 7meters (for the large oceanic) and 4.5 meters (for the resident reef). They weigh 2 tons and 1.4 tons maximum respectively.

Manta Ray is mostly found in shallow seas, open oceans and near reefs.

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