About Moorish Idol in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish

moorish idol

Scientific Name: Zanclus cornutus

Classification: Angelfish

Required Level: None


  • Take a Picture of Mystery Chest 5 Times

Moorish Idol is a species of hidden anglerfish friend in Abyssrium: Tap Tap Fish.


To unlock & get Moorish Idol it’s necessary to take a picture of Mystery Chest 5 times.


A pretty popular kind of fish among various aquariums around the world, this little fella mostly lives alone or with his sole female partner for the rest of his life, the distinctive features the Moorish Idol has from other fishes, are these wide black and yellow bands beautifully painting his body and his long tail-like fin on top of his head.

The Moorish Idol lives around 9.8 – 590ft. (or 3 – 180m) deep in the vast tropical seas and lagoons of the Indo-Pacific, which includes East Africa, the Indian Ocean, Hawai and southern Japan, they are also some instances of his presence near the Gulf of California and south of Peru.

His omnivorous diet mostly consists of sponges, corals and some species of benthic invertebrates like the Tunicate, the voracious diet of the Moorish Idol makes him a very tough animal to keep in an aquarium since his eating habit is nearly consistent, without mentioning the need for a very large tank to contain the creature, which is why most aquarists prefer substituting the Moorish Idol with other species resembling it like the Schooling Bannerfish or the Pennant Coralfish.

His unique name comes from the Moors (Arabic citizens and Muslims living in the Maghreb and east of Africa) who portrayed him as some kind of ‘Idol’ bringing happiness and peace among the people living close to his aquatic habitation, he was a very coveted fish to be trapped in jars of water and brought to homes to scatter his ‘spiritual powers’ around the houses and its owners.

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