About Oarfish in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish


Scientific Name: Regalecus glesne

Classification: Oarfish

Required Level: None


  • Be 21 Checked In via Attendance System

Giant Oarfish in-game simply yclept as Oarfish, is a species of friend fish in Abyssrium: Tap Tap Fish.


To unlock and get this fish you are necessary to be 21 days checked in via Attendance system.


Oarfish belong to the family Regalecidae. They are considered as the longest of all the bony fish. Though rarely seen, Oarfish is found in all tropical and temperate parts of the world, They are mostly found in deep seas ranging from 1000 meters an approximate of 3500 ft and only come to the surface only when sick or dying. At these depths the water is calm, and there is no turbulence making it conducive for its large massive body to navigate through the waters with ease. These fish have a scaleless body with different species having variable numbers of gill rakers. These fish have small mouth with no visible teeth. The largest member of the Oarfish family is the Giant Oarfish. Some Oarfish are said to produce electric shock though little facts are known about this because they rarely come into contact with humans. The Oarfish is not often considered good for consumption due to the gelatinous consistence it possesses. Due to this fact, large Oarfish are mostly considered game fish.

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