About Porcupine Puffer in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish

porcupine puffer

Scientific Name: Diodon nicthemerus

Classification: Actinopterygii

Required Level: None


  • Sea Urchin Farm
  • 2 Camel Cowfish

Porcupinefish also commonly called blowfish and, sometimes, balloonfish and globefish, in-game simply yclept as Porcupine Puffer, is a fusion puffer fish in Abyssrium: Tap Tap Fish.


To get Porcupine Puffer fish you will need the following things:

  • Sea Urchin Farm
  • 2x Camel Cowfish

This little friend will give you vitality bonus increased by 40%


The porcupine puffer belongs to the family of Diodontidae, it is also known as blowfish. They are salt water fish and grow up to 12inches or more and are found in the tropical sea with shallow temperatures.

Porcupines have spiky appendages that cover its body; they are light gray and mottled tans in color. This blowfish has no pelvic fins, and so they use the pectoral fins to swim.

They were first mentioned in Charles Darwin’s account on a trip across the universe. They can inflate their bodies by swallowing water and air to become rounder and larger to protect themselves from predators they.

Another defense mechanism is the poisonous spines that are emitted outwards when its body is inflated. However adult porcupine puffers are mostly preyed by killer Wheals and sharks, and the juveniles are by Dolphins.

Porcupine Puffer fish feed on crustaceans and most fish food, i.e., frozen freeze dried, flakes, pieces of shrimp, clam and live foods can be given.


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