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Pygmy Seahorse

Scientific Name: Hippocampus bargibanti


Required Level: None


  • Play 5 Times at 4 AM

Bargibant’s Pygmy Seahorse, in-game simply yclept as Pygmy Seahorse, is a species of friend seahorse.


To unlock Pygmy Seahorse is necessary to play 5 times at 4 AM.


Pygmy seahorse is one of the smallest species of the seahorses a member of family Syngnathidae that has been recently discovered in southern Asia. Pygmy seahorse is unique because unlike other common seahorses it has one gill opening behind the head.

This particular species of the seahorse is about 2 inches long, and when their tail is curled around a seaweed, they may look smaller. They are excellent camouflagers, and their body color may change depending on the surrounding, and they live in groups of approximately 20 adults. Since they are tiny, pygmy seahorse consumes small crustaceans from their surrounding mostly young brim shrimps.

Reproduction takes place in a very unusual way whereby the male becomes pregnant and carries eggs in a pouch. Mating takes place within the group and may occur all along the year if food is adequate and stress level is small. Females lay eggs hundreds of eggs on a pouch located on the belly of the male’s body whereby it takes several weeks for the male to give birth depending on the water temperature. The young ones always have better chances of survival because of the ability to camouflage in their natural habitat.

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