About Snowflake Clownfish in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish

snowflake clownfish

Scientific Name: Amphiprion Ocellaris

Classification: Clownfish

Required Level: None


  • Push Twitter button in Settings 5 times

Snowflake Clownfish is a species of hidden Clownfish fish in Abyssrium: Tap Tap Fish.


Just press the Twitter button three times in Settings.


Snowflake Clownfish is a well-known variation of the Amphiprion ocellaris, which has a substantial number of uneven white markings on their body. It was named Snowflake because it has marks on the sides that look like snowflakes.

When you compare snowflake with other fish of the same species, you find that they have overemphasized patterns, and not two of them look the same.

Snowflake Clownfish is not very common in the wild, and it is a sequential hermaphrodite just like all clownfish. The biggest one assumes the role of the female while the next in size becomes the reproductive male.

They are vigorous eaters and will feed mostly on meaty foods, and other frozen invertebrates such as squid, shrimps, and planktons. They also feed on aquarium flakes and pellets.

The captive-bred type has more advantage over wild ones because they are more accustomed to the conditions in most aquariums in homes. They, therefore, make the best choice for young aquarium lovers.

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