About Sperm Whale in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish

sperm whale

Scientific Name: Physeter macrocephalus

Classification: Sperm Whale

Required Level: None


  • Star Horn Coral
  • 80 Total Friends

Sperm Whale is a species of whale friend in Abyssrium: Tap Tap Fish.


To unlock sperm whale is necessary to have Star Horn Coral, and at least 80 total friends.


Sperm whale is the largest of the toothed whales belonging to cetacean species. It has the largest brain and a block shaped head, which contains large quantities of a substance called spermaceti. The whale derives its name from spermaceti, which is a white waxy substance.

A mature male sperm whale grows to a length of 67 ft. weighing up to 65 tons. A female sperm whale, on the other hand, grows to a length of 38 ft. weighing 16 tons. Both the male and female are dark gray in color, and they have small paddled shaped fins to steer in the water.

Sperm whale feeds on several species like giant squid and colossal squid, but its main diet is medium- sized squid. It usually dives up to 2 kilometers lasting more than an hour in search of food. Sperm whale can be found in deep, off shore waters that are ice-free, and it inhabits all the oceans and seas like the Mediterranean Sea.

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