About Star Striped Marlin in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish

star striped marlin

Scientific Name: Kajikia audax

Classification: Actinopterygii

Required Level: None


  • 600 Leaves
  • Watch ads for maple leaves 15 times.
  • Take a picture of Star Striped Marlin once they appear on screen.

Star Striped Marlin is one of hidden marlin fish that are added in the AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish during the fall event. To get this hidden striped marlin friend, you’ll need to watch ads for maple leaves 15 times and then, take a picture of Star Striped Marlin once they appear on your screen.


  • Store all your fish except for a few jellies (any kind will do, also this helps with collecting more leaves as they will always spawn in your field of vision).
  • The Marlins seem to spawn above the general field of vision so set your camera on one of the jellies. This will allow you to see the area above the coralite.
  • Keep your screen in your view while you watch TV or something.
  • When they finally appear just take a general photo. This will freeze them and make it easier to lock onto a Marlin specifically. 

Note: This fish will show in “Event” tab after you do the quest above.

If you are interested in craft one or more of Star Striped Marlin, you must go to “Event” tab, and just press “CREATE LIFE” button next to the fish. You can do this only when the event it is still open. After fall event has closed, you can get Star Striped Marlin from “Luck Shell”.


Striped marlin is also known as Nairagi, the color of striped marlin varies from light pink to orange-red.This fish is commonly found in tropicals, especially at warm temperature waters of Pacific and Indian oceans.Though it tends to move towards the equator when it’s a cold season and away from it during the warm season.


  1. Hi Alex, will they still spawn if I don’t have any jellies yet?? I just don’t have the needed coral for the first jelly..


  2. Hi Alex, do you know normally when will star stripped marlin appear on the screen?
    I’m not quite sure about how does it works..

    Thank you!

    • I will write what I do to get him.

      So, I watch 15x ads (ads from the chest, skills, etc. don’t count, only ads from maple leaves), after I store all fish and I let my phone with the screen on about 40-minutes until I saw him above of my stone in-game.

      Also, do not view any ads during the hunting, don’t exit from the app in any way. I managed to catch him from the first attempt.

  3. Hi, Alex! Thanks for putting this page and info up. I have definitely watched more than 15 adds for the fall leaves but the star striped marlin never show swimming in the upper area of the screen. They don’t even appear in my fall fish list. Do you know if I need to have the regular striped marlin for them to appear? Thanks!

    • After you take a photo with star striped marlin, then will show in the list of fall event fish.

      One of my friends don’t have regularly striped marlin, and he caught star striped marlin without any problem.

  4. Hey Alex, I have been watching the ads all day from maple leaves event but I lost count. Is there anyway I can make sure that I have watched 15 of them?

  5. Hey Alex,

    I’ve watched a ton of maple leave videos over the past 3 days and haven’t had the hidden fish message. I’ve looked up above the stone for 30 mins plus and they haven’t appeared for me 🙁 any advise please?

  6. Hey Alex
    I had took pictures and posted them but i didn’t get the Start striped marlin in my tab…
    also they ever showed up again.
    what can it be?

  7. hey Alex
    I had watch 15 times the ads, after that the Star Striped Marlins appears on my screen, i took a picture and posted it, but i didn’t got the fish in my event tab, also it never showed up again on my screen…
    do u think this is a bug or had i just bad luck…

  8. hey, alex,
    i shared the star marlin, i took pictures and shared them 4 times but it’s not on my event tap, it was not added to my collection. please help

  9. Hey man… I saw the marlin for the first time while driving and was unable to get a picture and have not seen them sense. And that was 2 days ago. I’ve had the game open for a few 1-2 hour blocks and I have not seen them sense. I did what you recommended by targeting a jelly to see above the rock and nothing. Any other tricks?

  10. all right, I have waited 30 minutes and the star stripped marlin appears not the common (that I don’t have), so when I saw him I took some pictures and when I quite the camera nothing happened !! I didn’t unlock the common stripped marlin and also the star stripped marlin so what happened?
    Do I must have the common marlin to have the star marlin ? But if I don’t have the common marlin , why the star stripped marlin appears and not the common ?

    sorry for my english, second language
    thanks man


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