About Sun Fish in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish

sun fish

Scientific Name: Mola mola

Classification: Ocean Sunfish

Required Level: None


  • Star Horn Coral
  • 70 Total Fish

The Ocean Sunfish, in-game yclept simply as Sun Fish, is a species of fish in Abyssrium: Tap Tap Fish.


To unlock Sun Fish it is necessary to have Star Horn Coral, and at least 70 total fish.


Well, the SunFish isn`t the most beautiful creature out there. In fact, from far they look like giant blobs. They are the largest known bony fish. A fact supported by their massive weight. They weigh about 5000 pounds, which by the way is the same weight as a small vehicle.

With some adults reaching a vertical height of about 13 feet and 11 feet horizontally, the SunFish forms a round shape with massive protruding fins that are sometimes mistaken to be a shark. Despite their big bodies, SunFish has a relatively small mouth with a beak-like structure. They also have rough skin that attracts all kinds of parasites. Their back fin is undeveloped, making them poor swimmers.

They live on a diet of jellyfish, plankton, and small fish. To maintain their massive bodies, SunFish consumes a lot of food. They are mostly found in the temperate and tropical parts of the ocean. Sharks and seals form part of the SunFish natural predators.

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